Manhattan - New York - Day 2

Today, we had a little later start of the day, than yesterday. Johanna really wanted to see the Columbia University, so we grabbed a quick breakfast at a nearby café and headed up to 115th street. It was kind of a drizzly weather, so we didn't go around the campus much, but we managed to find the "school of engineering and applied science" which is almost what I studied at Uni, although I think the department where I studied was called something like "department of applied information technology". All in all, Columbia University, seems like a cool place to study.

Sidenote kids: Stay in school, it's really cool.

After strolling about on campus we went south again, so much that we got to see the very north parts of central park. We then took the tube down to the very south east corners of Manhattan, in the hopes of walking over the famous Brooklyn Bridge. During our train ride, the wind had managed to catch up and so had the rain, which made us unwilling to walk on the might bridge.

Instead we went too look for something that would be more indoorsy. I really wanted to see some of the geek shops that was recommended on yelp.

Since Johanna still was tired from all of the walking and excitement from yesterday, Johanna let me take the reins in choosing which train to go with and how many stops to go. Which I, of course failed to do. This meant that we hopped of one stop to late, and ended up at Grand Central, which was on my bucket list of things to see anyway. So we stopped by there for a little while an took some photos.

After taking some pictures and marvelling at the greatness of the grand central we went back down to 13th street and later on to 40th street to visit "Forbidden Planet" and "Midtown Comics". Because I was looking for more of a shop that sold more figurine and apparel kind of stuff, I was a bit dissapointed. Although, if you're into comics or missing a fantasy or sci-fi book, this is the place for you.

After we had gone to these two places, we also visited Victorias Secret. Where I was told that I apparently not were to follow people (in my case, my lovely girlfriend), into the changing rooms.

After the lovely tour of Victorias Secret we went and had some lunch at a Belgian beer place, that had splendid Belgian beer (of course) but also good food, We can totally recommend this place, which is basically a block or two from the crossing of 5th avenue and Broadway, just outside Madison Square Park.

When we continued walking northbound after that lovely late lunch, we became witnesses to a big commotion on 261 5th avenue, where there was a lot people standing and watching both on the streets and in the windows of the nearby buildings. There was also a lot of police cars and ambulances. Apparently there was a big manhunt for someone which the police finally managed to arrest. You can read more about what apparently happened here.

After standing and looking at all the commotion for a while, we continued up to Bryant Park. Where there was like an open little market with small little stands that sold hand-crafted items, art, decorations and ornaments. They had also placed a little ice rink for people to skate around in. The park was filled with people and everything felt very cosy, warm and cute, all in all.

In the end of the evening we were quite tired from Walking we needed to sit down and rest for a while. So we decided to see if there was any Cinema close by that might have a timely showing of a current movie. After looking for some minutes we found something called "Regal Cinemas" where we watched the new Maze runner sequel "The Scorch Trials".

After the movie we headed on back to our hotel, to get some much needed sleep, because of that we're taking a long drive up to Boston to visit some of our American friends for a few days.

Until next time,
hugs and kisses
//Joel and Johanna