Happy Holidays!

So, first off, HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone! Yesterday we went off to "Walter Peak High Country Farm" with a "Twin Screw Streamer" called TSS Earnslaw.

At the farm we got to not only feed but to hold and pet some of the animals. We can really recommend this little day cruise if you ever happen to visit Queenstown.

foto1 The screw steamer also had a pianist aboard which kept on playing christmas tunes, they also had a really nice little café part in the middle of the boat.

After arriving at the farm, we went on the farm tour where we got to feed, pet and hold some of the animals of the farm. For a second I thought we were going to get home with another puppy after Johanna got to hold one of them.

foto1 foto1 foto1 foto1 Before we got on the boat home we got to sit down at the little restaurant they had the farm where we got scones, cakes and coffee.

After the boat ride we were pretty tired and dicided to call it a day.

So after taking a well deserved nights sleep we got up with the "gondola"/"lift" up to one of the mountain tops right by Queenstown were we tried out "Luge". "Luge" is kind of like gocart and a gravity racer/soapbox car. It was very fun indeed, I filmed some of the racing on the go pro, hopefully I will get a video of that up soon :)

foto1 Foto1

We also tried the "Ferg burger" today, which is a must if you are in Queenstown if you ask the locals, although, I think I've had better burgers in Sweden.

Hope you guys are having happy holidays!

Joel and Johanna