Christmas in Dunedin

Christmas day started at 5 am with a fire alarm that brought all hotel guests out on the street in their pyjamas.


We took an early bus out of Queenstown to Dunedin to spend a few days with the Connors. The weather was amazing and we spend the day outside just enjoing the company and the great food that everyone brought with them.

outside present opening

On boxing day, which is the day after christmas day, we got a great tour around Dunedin and some of the views. Their train station for one is beautiful.

Sue and Dave has been taking such good care of us I'm not sure we're ready to leave tomorrow. Might not even be able to after all the good food that we've had.

Yesterday evening we went down to a beach and lit a fire, watched the sunset and had marshmallows and beer.

sunset beer

It didn't take long for a seal to come out of the water and share the beach with us.


Right at dusk all the penguins that lives in caves on the beach came back from a long day out in the ocean.