We arrived last night and went to a restaurant named Castell BAR-Becue and had the best ribs ever then we went back to our hotel Hotel America and had a few before bed. The hotel is really nice 4 star hotel.

This morning we took a nice walk to the Anne Frank museum, such a nice city to walk around in and not a cloud in the sky all day.

The Anne Frank museum was really great and we really enjoyed the way they tell the story in the actual house where it all took place.
We pre booked our tickets so when we got there we could just walk in, no waiting.

We went to have lunch at a place in Jordaan called Café Thijssen and it was really nice. The food was amazing and reasonable prices too.

Because the weather was so nice we decided to do a boat tour. It was really nice to float around and look at all the nice buildings and house boats. The locals really enjoy their canals on sunny days.

After the boat tour we walked around, stopped for a few beers and mostly enjoyed our surroundings, it's fun to look at people.

We had dinner at a restaurant called Red. It was a nice steakhouse and we had a great meal.
Lobster never goes wrong :)

Now we're back at the hotel bar and I'm enjoying a strawberry daiquiri.